Let’s look at 20 ways to reduce stress and overwhelm right now:

1. Learn to say no. Listen to your intuition and inner voice when it tells you to say no to things and to slow down and put your needs first.

2. If this proves difficult ask yourself why you are constantly yes to things – is it because you really have to do these things or because you are people pleasing, feel guilty about not doing things for people or because you have a tendency towards perfectionism / an inability to delegate.

3. Write down the things that make you happy, schedule them and prioritise them – this will help you say no to things you do not need and do not want to do.

4. In terms of work, seek support, offload the overload and again, learn to say no. Are you notorious for being over helpful and taking on too much? Trust your intuition in terms of not taking on certain projects or clients.

5. In terms of colleagues, projects, clients and family and friends – create your own non-negotiable boundaries that allow you to say no to things without feeling guilty.

6. If saying no off the bat to things is proving too hard, at least say “I’ll get back to you” to buy yourself time to craft your no. At the same time if your intuition is saying “hell no” or you immediately feel a pit in your stomach when you know what is coming, just say no. You will feel lighter and better for it.

7. If saying no is not an option at work / in relationships and you are unhappy, give yourself the space and time to consider whether you need to completely change course either in your personal relationships or in your career.

8. Replenish and build energy reserves by pre-buying and pre-preparing good food and keep stocks of nourishing foods that are easy to prepare to keep you well-nourished and less likely to submit to cravings.

9. Meditate – try a guided meditation if you find it difficult to meditate. Find out what forms of meditation you like for free by trying free versions of meditation apps or you tube.

10. Take time in nature – get out on your lunch break or in the evening/early morning for a walk.

11. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night – ideally between 7-9 hours. Start you wind down routine earlier to get to bed earlier.

12. Exercise. Find things you can do easily and enjoy – a brisk walk or run, an online yoga class that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Ideally aim for about 45 minutes exercise at least 3 times a week.

13. Schedule coffee/lunch breaks or dinner dates with people you love and trust, make you laugh and that you can just relax with. Make time for phone calls and Facetime to keep in touch with the people who nourish you and leave you feeling lighter and happier.

14. Do things you enjoy and try new things you think you might enjoy – most things are online now so you can try things out in your own time.

15. Reduce overwhelm by focusing on one task at a time. Schedule out time for each task at the beginning of every week to stop yourself taking on too much. Schedule out your day each morning to reduce anxiety.

16. Unplug. Step away from screens and social media particularly one hour before bed. Cortisol should be at its lowest at night which in turn causes melatonin to increase. Melatonin detoxifies the brain and nourishes the ovaries. If stressed or on screen, cortisol will remain at higher levels thereby reducing the nourishment and detoxification we can get from melatonin.

17. Learn to prioritise what is healthiest and best for you.

18. Take time for self-care. Self-care is not taking care of everyone else’s needs first to the complete detriment of your own needs.

19. Find someone you can talk with, whether it it’s a trusted friend, counsellor, life coach or mentor. Getting a new perspective is preferable to constantly re-thinking and worrying about things in your own head.

20. Listen to the signs of your body – digestion issues, insomnia, headaches, irritability, feelings of angst or dread. These are your body’s way of telling you that something needs to change. Reframe your thoughts around these things as not being enemies but rather loving signals from your body that you need to engage in self-care.


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