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Kerala Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam - 200 ml

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Brand: KERALA ayurveda


  • Quantity: 200 ml; Item Form: Thailam
  • Elevates your post-workout routine -Revitalize your body with Kerala Ayurveda's Mahanarayana Thailam. Its natural ingredients work to refresh and rejuvenate body and mind, leaving you feeling recharged and revitalized.
  • Instant relief from aching muscles- Mahanarayana Thailam penetrates deeply into skin, nourishes and soothes exhausted muscles instantly, and gives long-lasting results.
  • Helps to move effortlessly- Discover the secret to staying flexible in your golden years with Mahanarayana Thailam. This powerful oil not only nourishes tissues but also provides long-lasting lubrication for enhanced flexibility.
  • Usage: For external use only. Do a patch test on the wrist to ensure the oil is not too warm. Take the required amount of Kerala Ayurveda Mahanarayana Thailam in a bowl. Sit comfortably on a non-slippery surface, and gently apply the oil over your back, legs, or any affected areas.
  • Massage gently in slow, circular motions and let your skin absorb the oil. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water and pat dry. For best results, warm the oil and apply.
  • Target Audience: All Adults. Original Ayurveda | Herbal and Natural | No added Fragrance or Colour | No Mineral Oil or Petroleum by-products used |

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Details: Mahanarayana thailam - bilva/aegle marmelos rt./St. Bk. Dct. 15.625 g asvagandha/withania somnifera rt. Dct. 15.625 g brahati/solanum indicum pl. Dct. 15.625 g gokshura/tribulus terrestris pl. Dct. 15.625 g syonaka/oroxylum indicum rt./St. Bk. Dct. 15.625 g bala/sida/cordifolia pl. Dct. 15.625 g paribhadra /erythrinia indica rt. Dct. 15.625 g kantakari/solanum surretense pl. Dct. 15.625 g raktapunarnava/boerhaavia diffusa pl. Dct. 15.625 g atibala/abutylon indicum rt. Dct. 15.625 g agnimantha/premna integrifolia rt./St. Bk. Dct. 15.625 g prasaarani/paederia foetida pl. Dct. 15.625 g patala/stereospermum suaveolens rt./St. Bk. Dct. 15.625 g tila/thaila sesamum indicum sd. Ol. 0.100 l dugdha/milk lq. 0.100 l satavari-rasa/asparagus racemosus rt. Tr. Jce. 0.100 l raasna/alpinia offcinarum rt. Pst. 1.563 g asvagandha /withania somnifera rt. Pst. 1.563 g misreya/foeniculum vulgare fr. Pst. 1.563 g devadaru/cedrus deodara ht. Wd. Pst. 1.563 g kushta/sassurea lappa rt. Pst. 1.563 g salaparni/desmodium gangeticum pl. Pst. 1.563 g prasniparni/uraria picta pl. Pst. 1.563 g mudgaparni/phaseolus trilobus pl. Pst. 1.563 g masaparni/teramnus labialis pl. Pst. 1.563 g agaru/aquillaria agallocha ht. Wd. Pst. 1.563 g nagakesara/messua ferrea stmn. Pst. 1.563 g saindhava/lavana rock salt mnl. Pst. 1.563 g jatamamsi/nardostachys jatamamsi rt./Rz. Pst. 1.563 g haridra/curcuma longa rz. Pst. 1.563 g daruharidra/berberis aristata st. Pst. 1.563 g saileya/parmelia perlata pl. Pst. 1.563 g raktacandana/pterocarpus santalinus ht. Wd. Pst. 1.563 g pushkara/inula racemosa rt. Pst. 1.563 g ela/ellettaria cardamomum sd. Pst. 1.563 g manjishta/rubia cordifolia rt. Pst. 1.563 g yashti/glycyrrhiza glabra rt. Pst. 1.563 g tagara/valeriana wallichi rt./Rz. Pst. 1.563 g musta/cyperus rotundus rz. Pst. 1.563 g tejapatra/cinnamomum tamala lf. Pst. 1.563 g tvak/cinnamomum zeylanicum st. Bk. Pst. 1.563 g jivaka/microstylis muscifera rt. Tr. Pst. 1.563 g rsabhaka/microstylis wallichi rt.

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